Johnston’s Trophy Magnet Food Plot Seeds offers a full line of wildlife mixes and food plot components. Our research team has been working for over a century to develop wildlife mixes that attract deer and other wildlife, providing them with a high-quality source of nutrition. With our food plot seeds, you can easily establish food plots that are not only attractive but also provide the necessary nutrients for a thriving wildlife population.

Our wildlife mixes are formulated with a combination of grains, legumes, and forage crops that are proven to be consistently consumed by deer and other wildlife. This ensures that our food plot seeds are effective in attracting and retaining animals in your area. Whether you are looking to enhance your hunting experience or simply enjoy watching wildlife, Johnston’s Trophy Magnet Food Plot Seeds is the perfect choice for you.

Take your wildlife attraction to the next level with Johnston’s Trophy Magnet Food Plot Seeds. Order now and experience the difference that our high-quality food plot seeds can make for your hunting and wildlife watching needs.

Provide Nutrition

Our premium wildlife food plot mixes are specially formulated to provide a highly palatable source of protein, minerals, and vitamins for many wildlife animals.

Maximum Attraction

Our expertly crafted blends are specifically formulated to attract your favorite wildlife to your food plot.

Highly Adaptable

With the ability to tolerate a wide range of climates and soils, these mixes will have your property teeming with game in no time.

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